climbing walls design 

3D climbing wall
2D climbing wall
  • 2D concept layout of climbing walls

  • 3D concept modeling of climbing walls

  • Climbing surfaces detail design

  • Climbing walls custom coloring

architecture & interior

3D climbing gym
3D climbing gym
  • 2D & 3D layouts of climbing gyms

  • Climbing centers space planning 

  • 3D modeling and analysis of existing buildings 

  • Interior design of climbing centers 

  • Photo-realistic renderings & video animations

  • Presentations and diagrams




A full-service climbing walls design and gyms architecture studio. 



Altline Studio is the result of more than five years experience in the climbing gyms industry. As architects we have developed deep knowledge of the best practices not only for the climbing structures but also the functionality of the gyms as buildings. We work on global scale and have taken part in designing projects in the USA, the UK and Europe for Moments Climbing, Touchstone ClimbingThe Climbing Depot and LCC climbing centers. As a studio we provide guidance and experience across all phases in the climbing walls and climbing gyms design process.


We believe in human experience rather than only fixed architectural rules. We move forward through the challenges in every new project. We love finding new solutions and improve the quality of climbing gyms. Collaboration and communication with clients is our primary mission. Our clients join us on the journey of designing and challenge our creative thinking.





Nikolay Balabanov

Nikolay is an expert in climbing walls and boulders design. He is responsible for providing unique climbing surfaces and colors. When not creating climbing walls, Nikolay is a keen snowboarder in the winter and mountaineer in the summer.

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Elena Ganevska


Elena puts her efforts in creating  harmony and simplicity for our projects. Her experience in the fields of architecture and interior design makes sure that our climbing gyms don’t just look good, they also perform. Away from the desk, she is a lover of the great outdoors.

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Angel Golomehov


Angel is experienced renderings specialist focused on high quality images and animations using virtual 3D modelling. Out of the office, Angel can be found building wooden boats and sailing around. 

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